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We produce live art activations including paint jams, art battles, workshops, exhibitions and more. Our events engage audiences and get people talking. 

Captivate audiences through a unique activation, creating a message for your brand, allowing people to engage in something they’ll remember

Amplify organic content creation; people love watching art come to life in front of their eyes but better yet, they love sharing it online

Custom artwork giveaways foster brand loyalty by making people feel special, in turn sharing their experience online and through word of mouth

Maintain longer consumer retention at your events as attendees wait to see the finished piece

Exhibition opportunities to collaborate with Blank Walls – Exhibiting with our talented pool of artists will align your brand to culturally relevant trends

Get your brand in front of a sought-after audience giving yourself a genuine voice

Blank Walls portable wall hire / purchase options are available – contact Blank Walls for a breakdown of costs

  • Digital & Screen Printing Services

  • Targeted Publicity Stunts

  • Art Activations

  • Signage


Whether you’re just looking for a unique activation or you want us to curate an entire art-based event for you, let’s talk – contact us here.



Before we commit to anything serious, let’s meet up and get to know each other! We pride ourselves on the personal approach we take with every one of our clients. We want to understand the why’s, how’s and who’s, to help us to paint the picture on how best to support you.

This is where we’ll work out the game plan, who we require and how long we need to complete the work. We’re all about teamwork, collaboration and getting the best ideas out on the table, no matter how crazy they sound.

By this time we’re well and truly on track with the arsenal of creative solutions we’re ready to present. If specialised services are required to get the most out of your project, we’ll connect with our network of on-point industry professionals, ensuring a well-rounded and credible solution can be realised, no matter how complex.

No matter how high your expectations, we want to live up to them. By this stage, you’re well and truly aware of the proposed outcome and what you’re expecting materially from us. Run your eyes over what we’ve created, let us know your thoughts, and go through any amendments with the team you feel may be necessary.

We love this bit! Doing what we do best and revealing it to the world! Why not let us film it and spread the word online, creating a buzz around your project or campaign. Or even get us to co-ordinate a big publicity stunt to drive your fresh, new messages directly to your target audience…the world is now your oyster.