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Environmental Awareness Project

We are passionate about making a positive difference through art. It’s what drives us as individuals and as a collective. So ahead of our UK launch event at The Arches we painted a few murals around Shoreditch / Bethnal Green to raise awareness of environmental issues affecting the world. Proudly supported by GreatArt.


First up, Jerome Davenport (Ketones6000) who painted 16 year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg on the Jealous rooftop.


Itaewon brought his biomechanical line-work to Brick Lane. His style comes from a fascination with the macro and delicate structures in nature which led him to explore the beauty of natural intelligence. This piece touches on the connecting lines which reflect direct relationships between species.


Luke Gray up next who created a beautiful piece just off Brick Lane that represents the indigenous nations and how they show us to connect with nature.


The trio of Captain Kris, Reves & Tony Riff hit up the side of Brewdog Shoreditch with some vibrant nature based pieces to highlight issues surrounding extinction and keeping the world a more colourful place.


Woskerski slapped up the other side of BrewDog Shoreditch with a piece to depict the poisonous impact of plastic pollution on animal species like seabirds.


Last but not least Leopards Lunch has reimagined a dream about how we are overfishing and damaging the ocean so much that the octopus and squid in the ecosystem are fighting back. “I like the idea of octopus and squid taking over the planet, I think they’d do a better job.”


Video by Benny van Leeuwen from Beautiful Creations.