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Charity Partners

Racing for MNDI

Racing for MNDi was established April 2017. MNDi, and represents Motor Neurone Disease inherited. With a focus on inherited forms of Motor Neurone Disease, Racing for MNDi aims to raise the profile of MND in Australia and seek a cure through genetic based medical research.


Blank Walls work collaboratively with Racing for MNDi to bring Art & Awareness together. We pride ourselves in promoting a positive message through art and encourage the practice of art as a means of bringing people together to discuss important issues affecting the world today.

Blank Walls strive to make a positive difference around the world whilst MNDi has been established to offer hope and positivity to the sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease and their families, whilst they race for a cure. Art is so important to help people feel good about their surroundings, which goes hand in hand with raising awareness for such an important cause.