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Art for Communities

Alex Harvey - January 12, 2021 - 0 comments

Murals build a sense of community. Through the visual aesthetic, they promote a sense of identity, place, belonging and community strength. No matter your background or social class, murals provide accessibility to art and creative expression without the fees of a gallery while also seamlessly integrating into the architectural shape of its physical environment.

The positive flow-on effects that art can stimulate are endless and can resonate throughout other areas adding a unique sense of support and engagement to inspire other local creatives within the region. While studies in anti-social behaviour have shown that a bright colour scheme coupled with the intricacies and imaginative elements of engaging images, such as a mural, will draw positive attention to an area and, therefore, improve the public’s perception of that area. It makes sense that the more interest and attention an area receives, this will inevitably lead to an increase in foot traffic, and thus make the area safer.

Through many years working in the arts industry, we have learnt that by maximising the use of intricate designs and incorporating themes of broad community inclusivity and respect, the resulting artwork inherently minimises the likelihood of vandalism in that area.

As well as social benefits including positive mental health, murals have been identified to support cultural benefits and economic development. For instance, mural tourism has become its own segment in the tourism industry because of its dramatic impact in recent years on a worldwide scale. Street art tours and festivals are integral to this movement which attract worldwide attention while fostering opportunities for artists locally and internationally.


Street art tou

We take pride in supporting local councils, schools and communities, giving back to those who have put so much in. If you know of a blank wall in your surrounding community, school or town, we’d love to work in collaboration with your council to create something truly memorable.

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