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Blank Walls Partners

At Blank Walls, we believe in the strength of collaboration. Bringing together talented creatives under one umbrella can be really powerful, working with the best individuals, groups or organisations to get the best results. There’s a credible level of trust between our partners that we will create great work together. We strive to make a positive difference through our industry by combining art and awareness, encouraging practices that bring people together to discuss important issues affecting the world today. If you share our passion, get in touch to see how we could collaborate.

The Butcher Shop Logo

We’re big into supporting local and that goes the same for our art supplies. The Butcher Shop provide a range of art materials in Perth and across Australia online. They’ve got everything from aerosol paint to stencils, markers and safety gear. As well as art supplies, they also stock street style books, magazines, clothing and accessories.


Racing for MNDi was established April 2017. MNDi, and represents Motor Neurone Disease inherited. With a focus on inherited forms of Motor Neurone Disease, Racing for MNDi aims to raise the profile of MND in Australia and seek a cure through genetic based medical research. Blank Walls work collaboratively with Racing for MNDi to bring Art & Awareness together.